Coil Transfer Vehicle

  • Coil Rail Transporter

    The coil rail transporter is used in coil industry to transfer roll material from a workshop to another workshop.
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  • Coil Transport Vehicle

    The coil transport vehicle are popular in the rolling material transfer of the workshop. The frame of the transport vehicle with V, U or E frame it can avoid the rolling material roll or slip when...
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  • Trackless Coil Car

    This kinds coil car needn't run via the rails, which gets rid of relying for the rails. It do not lead to impairment for the cement ground, and can run freely, go forward,back forward, turning,...
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  • Steel Coil Handling Vehicle

    The steel coil handling vehicle is a electric handling vehicle with v frame. It is suitable to transfer steel coil in steel mill.
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  • Coil Transport Rail Flat Car

    When the coil transport rail flat cars moves, the cable pulls behind the cars. The cable is connected to the ground at one end, while the other is powered by an electric control box on flat cars,...
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  • Heavy Loading Turning Rail Coil Transfer Cart

    Large capacity turning rail coil transfer cart, which can meet U type rail turning, reduce the transfer cart quantity and meet the production requirement.
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  • Lifting Coil Transfer Car

    Product Model: Lifting coil transfer car
    Usage: Coil cargo transfer
    Load Capacity: 1-150 ton
    Color: Customized
    Package: The whole transfer car is packed by tarp, and parts...
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  • Steel Factory Coil Rail Car

    steel factory coil rail car is widely used in the cold and hot steel rolling workshop production line. Steel coil is heavy and easy rolling, considering the security problem in transportation,...
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  • Coil Rail Transport Vehicle

    In the cold and hot steel rolling factory, steel coil is heavy and easy rolling, so there is a problem for the rolling cargo transfer. In order to solve this problem, our research team developed a...
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  • High Speed Coil Transfer Car

    Products Model: Coil transfer car
    Color: As demands
    Power Supply: Towed cable powered
    Usage: Coil cargo transfer
    Load: 1-500 tons
    Warranty: 1 year
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  • Scissor Lift Coil Transfer Car

    For scissor lift coil transfer car, lifting work is mainly by hydraulic cylinder lifting, the lifting device can chosen according to lifting height and working platform size.
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  • Aluminum Coil Transfer Cart

    KPC series aluminum coil transfer cart is that the safe sliding wire is set in a channel ditched beside the rail, and also can be set on the ground along the wall. It contacts AC 380V sliding wire...
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