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Heavy Load Ladle Transfer Cart For Industrial Material Handling
Dec 03, 2006

In the steel plant workshop, because of direct contact with high temperature molten steel, safety is of course the first consideration. Secondly, the transportation problem is also very troublesome, neither too slow nor too fast, too slow to solidify easily, and too soon to splash out the molten steel. It hurts people, so choosing the right means of transportation becomes a problem. As a manufacturer of transfer cart, we has developed a heavy load ladle rail for ladle transshipment of special steel making plants, has become a simple matter. The ladle transfer cart, this heavy load ladle transfer cart adopts soft start, frequency converter controls the speed of running. The inertia of ladle transfer cart can avoid the spatter of molten steel in ladle, improve the speed of transportation, shorten the time of transportation, and improve the safety and efficiency of production. Ladle is placed in ladle transfer cart. In the slot designed in the middle of the cart, heat insulation device is installed in the slot to protect the electrical part from the damage of high temperature. The double motor is used to ensure that the cart is damaged by one motor. Another standby motor can make the heavy load ladle transfer cart work properly.

Heavy Load Ladle Transfer Cart For Industrial Material Handling

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