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Metallurgical Steelmaking Plant Usage Ladle Transfer Cart
Sep 22, 2017

Metallurgical steelmaking plant, accurately said that the steelmaking plant is part of the metallurgical industry, mainly to desulfurize, dephosphorize, decarburize and deoxidize the molten iron, and then cast the molten steel into a billet. It is very necessary to assist the production process with electric transfer carts, especially ladle transfer cart.

When the temperature of iron, steel and slag reaches 1250~1670 °C, the heat radiation is very strong, and it is easy to splash. In addition, the equipment and the ambient temperature are high, the lifting and dumping operations are frequent, and the workers are prone to burn accidents.

The design of the ladle transfer cart should consider its structure to withstand high temperature radiation, it has sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand loads and collisions such as ladle, hot metal can, steel ingot and billet without deformation.

Metallurgical Steelmaking Plant Usage Ladle Transfer Cart

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