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Notes For Purchasing Mold Transport Cart
Jun 03, 2007

The mold transport cart is an electric transport cart designed for material handling in the factory. It is becoming more and more popular. This kinds transport cart operation is simple, safe and fast, are widely used in large tonnage material handling, effect is very significant, but how to choose a mold transport cart?

If you want to buy a mold transport cart, you must have some understanding of its structure and use occasions. This kind of large tonnage and high level transport cart is especially difficult to choose. Some things must be planned in advance, such as model, power supply mode, carrying tonnage, use occasions, functional accessories and so on.

Several technical parameters that should be paid attention to are listed as following. Hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Models, according to different working conditions, different types of transport cart can be purchased, with or without track, battery powered, low voltage rail powered, cable drum powered and other power supply modes.

2. Size, the mold transport cart are mostly customized size, according to customer needs to design the size.

3. The transport carts have different loads and different materials, so their prices are different.

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