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Petroleum Machinery Plant Steerable Transfer Carts
Jul 20, 2009

The petroleum machinery plant has a wide range of mechanical equipment, such as top drive drilling units, drilling tools, screw drilling tools, ground blowout preventer controls, jars and shock absorbers, single screw pumping pumps and other leading products. More than ten kinds of petroleum equipment products require the cooperation of steerable transfer carts.

All kinds of industrial heating furnaces are prefabricated as a whole, furnaces fittings (finned tubes, nail tubes, burners, chimney baffles, sootblowers, hooks, doors), butterfly valves (dampers), metal and non-metal compensators, spring hangers, boiler economizers, air preheaters, oil tank mixers, heat and cold exchangers, external heat collectors and pressure vessels of type I and II, etc.) are nearly 20 series. All belong to the equipment requirements of petroleum machinery plants.

The steerable transfer carts can walking on the ground floor directly, and can adapt to the narrow space, 360 degrees of omni-directional rotation. Touch screen, rocker operation and other design make the operation more humane. Fully automated and unmanned functions make it more convenient. It is very convenient for equipments and workpieces transport in the petroleum machinery plant.

Petroleum Machinery Plant Steerable Transfer Carts

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