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Rail Damage
Dec 03, 2007

Rail damage

Rail damage refers to the occurrence of breaks, cracks, and other damages that affect the performance of rails during use of the rails.

In order to facilitate statistics and analysis of rail damage, it is necessary to classify rail damage. According to the location of the damage on the rail section, the appearance of the injury and the cause of the injury, it was divided into nine categories of 32 kinds of injuries, with two-digit number classification, ten digits indicate the location and status of the damage, single digits indicate that The cause of the injury. The specific content of rail damage classification can be found in the "Railway Public Works Technical Manual (track)".

The broken rail is one of the following conditions: the full section of the rail is broken into at least two parts; the crack has penetrated the entire cross section of the rail or the bottom section of the rail; the top surface of the rail has a piece that is longer than 50mm and deeper than 10mm. Broken rails directly threaten traffic safety and should be promptly replaced. Rail crack refers to the fact that apart from the broken rails, the material of the rails is separated and cracks form.

There are many kinds of rail damage, common wear, peeling and nuclear damage to the rail head, lumbar bolt hole cracks. Here are some common rail damage conditions.

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