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Roller Guides Have The Following Advantages
May 16, 2008

Suitable for use in harsh environments: The rolling elements of the bearings in the roller do not directly contact the guide rails, and the bearings have a good tightness; HEPCO's V-guide technology allows the V-rollers to pass the "scratching" motion. Dust, chips and other impurities are scraped off the surface of the V-shaped rail, keeping the surface of the V-shaped rail clean, which makes it ideal for use in harsh environments. Because in the harsh working environment, brush or scraper is difficult to prevent dust, chips and other small impurities into the inside of the slider. Impurities entering the inside of the slider will increase the force on the balls, which will increase the wear of the balls. This not only affects the smoothness and accuracy of the ball guides, but also greatly shortens the service life of the ball guides.

Faster line speed: The V-roller rolls on the V-shaped rail surface and can reach very high line speeds up to 8m/s.

Reduced the accuracy requirements of the installation reference: A V-roller in the V-guide roller guide system is equivalent to a slider of the ball guide, the contact of the V-roller and the V-guide face is only equivalent to 1 steel ball and The contact of the guide surface; this greatly reduces the accuracy of the installation of the reference plane, the assembly saves time and effort.

Lower maintenance and replacement costs: V-shaped guide roller guide system can replace worn-out guide rails or rollers separately, and does not need to be completely replaced. In the site, adjustment of the eccentric rollers can facilitate adjustment and obtain the required pre-tightening force. Therefore, roller guides are less expensive to maintain and replace.

Longer service life: The roller guide has a much longer life than the roller bearing. In many cases it is only necessary to replace the roller and then adjust the eccentricity of the eccentric roller to obtain the required preload. Ball guides, whether they are balls or guides worn to a certain extent, require a full set of replacements in order to ensure that the application requires preloading or clearance. In general, the track is the longest-lived part of the complete linear motion system; if a ball guide is used, the slider must be changed to the track; for roller guides that are in good working condition, they can only be changed. .

Integral rack guide rail: linear guide rail, straight or helical teeth can be directly cut out on the guide rail; circular guide rail can cut inner ring gear or outer ring gear; in this case, there is no need to design another set of gear drive system. . For a ball guide, an additional set of gear drive systems is often required.

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