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Seamless Rail Laying Method
Mar 28, 2005

During the track laying, two 500-meter-long steel rails were used to guide the tractor to the corresponding position. Dozens of engineers and technicians assisted the tractor in unloading the rails and accurately positioned them. After the rails are laid, the locomotive can push the flat car consisting of 37 flatbeds along the rails. After the traction machine lays the rails on the ballastless track, another seamless rail welding construction team will immediately weld the previously laid rails to a railless rail. The stress relief process in the seamless rail welding can prevent the thermal expansion and contraction of the seamless rail, that is, evenly distributing the stress inside the rail to the rail, preventing the rail from being broken when the temperature is too low, and expanding the rail when the temperature is too high.

The seamless steel rails are welded to a length of several hundred meters long or even several kilometers long and then laid on the roadbed. There are 11 mm gaps between each section of the seamless rail.

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