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What Is Seamless Rail?
Apr 06, 2006

(1) As the seamless rail of key equipment for speed increase of trains, the localization rate is close to 100%, and the flatness error within 1.5m of the rail interface is not more than 0.2mm.

(2) When the wheel travels to the seams of two rails, while part of the wheel tread presses on the first rail, the other part of the wheel tread simultaneously presses on the second rail, so that the two rails are simultaneously stressed Smooth the wheels through the joints of the two rails without vibration.

Noise reduction

Reduced noise pollution. The long seamless track is paved by a number of standard steel rails, which are generally two to three kilometers long.


The wear is greatly reduced. Compared with ordinary rails, the seamless rail eliminates the impact of the joints due to the elimination of a large number of rail joints, reducing line damage, saving a large amount of raw materials, and the line maintenance can save costs by 30% to 75%.


Improve the reliability of the track, the speed of the train will be increased accordingly.


Increase the passenger's smoothness and comfort.

All conveyances of this rail (including railroad tracks) are not permitted by the patentee:

1. It is forbidden to replace the rail end with a slope, that is to say not less than 90°.

2. It is forbidden to implement any rails and rails according to the technical characteristics and technical theory of this patented technology.

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