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Seamless Rails, Ie Long Seamless Rails
Oct 19, 2004

Seamless steel rails, that is, ultra-long seamless rails, are not completely free of gaps, but the number of gaps in the entire railway section is negligibly small. In general, many short steel rails are sequentially welded.

The Shanghai-Nanjing line uses an extremely long seamless rail of 303 kilometers. As a result, the seamless steel rails have to solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction. It is not sufficient to rely on a small number of gaps. There are two ways to solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction: one is that the long rails themselves bear all the temperature stress, that is, the long rails are locked on the sleepers so that they do not swell due to temperature changes. This method is suitable for the differences in temperature throughout the year. A small area, such as in southern China. In some areas where there is a large temperature difference, another method should be adopted. That is, the long rail section itself does not bear the temperature stress, and the long rail section is free to shrink with the temperature rise and fall by means of automatic dissipation of stress or periodic dissipation of stress. When laying, try to choose the best temperature to lay, so that the expansion and contraction of the rail in the minimum range, so no matter the temperature rises or falls, the expansion and contraction of the rail is always controlled within the minimum range.

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