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The Main Features Of All-Electric Transfer Car
May 25, 2009

1. It has a small body and light weight. It can work in narrow channels, can be loaded into elevators, and can work on light load floors.

2. All control parts are gathered at the end of the handlebar. The operation is simple and no professional control is required.

3. Select high-efficiency DC traction motor, which has great traction and walks at walking speed, and can accept deep material transfer.

4. Improve the system Select the integral hydraulic pump station. Start up the button to raise the material quietly, launch the lower button, and the hydraulic cylinder will automatically recover. The material can be slowly lowered.

5. Walking Speed Control The latest type of MOS tube stepless speed regulation system is selected to operate and the speed of retreating can be adjusted according to the loaded items, surrounding environment, and arbitrary manipulation. If you choose to import a stepless speed control system, you can create a number of control procedures, a better role.

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