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The Running Route Of Slab Transfer Cart
Dec 15, 2005

The slab transfer cart has a straight line, circular driving S-type, fork-road driving. According to the actual needs of the customer handling site, choose the appropriate route:

1. Linear driving is the simplest way to drive without steering, wheels do not need to produce differential speed, motor service life will be longer.

2. Circular driving model S needs to turn, turn mode. The track needs to be laid by turning, and computer simulation is needed before laying, otherwise, it is easy to break away from the track wheel and rail, and the accuracy is high. There is a certain relationship between the size of the car and the turning radius. If the customer's annular S track has been laid, the size and size of the transfer cart is determined by the calculation of the turning radius.

3. Bifurcating means that two or more tracks cross each other (90 °crossing of two tracks is common), which can be changed by turning wheel of transfer cart. It is also possible to design multi-wheeled rail carts or vertical-and-horizontal rail carts.

The Running Route of Slab Transfer Cart

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