• Turnplate Rail Transfer Cart

    Turnplate rail transfer cart is a kind of transfer cart which can run on the 90 degree turning railway. Working principle: when the transfer cart runs on the turnplate, turn the turnplate...
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  • Motorized Material Electric Handling Carts On Rail

    About the motorized material electric handling carts on rail, it is powered by low voltage rail, two phase, AC 36V safe voltage, to connect the two railway respectively.
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  • Electric Railway Flat Vehicle

    The kinds of electric railway flat vehicle is powered by cable drum. In order to avoid the impair of cable, the cable drums are equipped together. Due to the limitation of cable length, it is...
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  • Slab Transfer Wagon

    This kinds of slab transfer wagon, the motor gear reducer as driving system of the wagon, solid PU wheels of the transfer wagon can be run on the ground directly and flexibly with no limited...
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  • Spray Booth Rail Transfer Vehicle

    The spray booth rail transfer vehicle is a kind of material transfer vehicle powered by towed cable which is designed for spray booth material handling.
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  • Ladle Transfer Truck

    Ladle transfer car is widely used in the production line of steelmaking plant. It also called ladle car, hot metal transfer car and so on.
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  • Warehouse AGV Transfer Cart

    The warehouse agv transfer cart is powered by battery. The battery is installed in the transfer cart. The batteries supplied the electricity to the DC motor through the electrical control system....
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  • Forged Single Flange Rail Wheel

    Our forged single flange rail wheels are machined from forged steel, ensuring a high level of strength and durability in all high-capacity track applications. Forged steel is extremely strong and...
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  • Electric Material Handling Carriage

    The kinds of electric material handling carriage, it is an electric transfer carriage powered by cable drum which is installed at the bottom of the carriage. It is designed for transporting...
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  • Spray Booth Transport Platform

    The spray booth transport platform is a kind of transfer cart designed for spray booth. It is powered by towed cable.
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  • Automatic Trackless Transfer Wagon

    Model: BWP-10T
    Rated Load: 10 Ton
    Wheel Base: 1650mm
    Axle Base: 1700mm
    Wheel Quantity: 4 Pcs
    Wheel Diameter: 350mm
    Motor Power: 2*2.2 Kw
    Battery Capacity:...
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  • Steel Mill Die Transfer Cart

    Steel mill die transfer cart is a kind of electric transfer cart designed for die or mold transport in factory. It is easy to turn 360 degrees at a minimum turning radius.
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