• Cast Iron Ladle Transfer Car

    The cast iron ladle transfer car can be powered by battery, low voltage tracks, cable reel, busbar, etc. It is depend on client's choice.
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  • Steel Coil Railway Transport Cart

    The steel coil railway transport cart is designed for columnar material transfer in factory. According the different apllication, there are have different solutions. Each of our design is to meet...
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  • Electric Transport Wagon For Molds

    The electric transport wagon for molds is designed for die and mold handling, it is an electric transport wagon which can be powered by battery, low voltage rail, cable drum, towed cable.
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  • Rail Vehicle Transfer Cart

    The rail vehicle transfer cart is a horizontal transportation equipment to transfer heavy cargoes which is running on the rails.
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  • Shipbuilding Rail Transport Truck

    The kind of shipbuilding rail transport truck, its main character is its power supply----mobile cable.
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  • Warehouse Coil Transfer Vehicle

    This kind warehouse coil transfer vehicle is powered by mobile cable. When the coil transfer vehicle moves, the cable pulls behind the vehicle.
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  • Trackless Turning Transfer Trolley

    About the trackless turning transfer trolley, literally speak, it is an electric transfer trolley designed for material handling, which is the special type compared with traditional rail transfer...
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  • Automated Coil Transfer Car

    About the automated coil transfer car, literally speak, it is an electric transfer car designed for coil material transfer, which is the special type compared with traditional transfer car.
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  • Steel Coil Railway Transfer Car

    The steel coil railway transfer car is a kinds of transfer car desigend for coil material transfer. There are V frame or E frame on the transfer car. And it is powered by cable drum. The AC 380V...
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  • Steel Coil Billet Transfer Vehicle

    The steel coil billet transfer vehicle is a kind of electric flat vehicle designed for material transfer in workshop or warehouse.
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  • Conductor Rail Power Transfer Cart

    the power source AC 380v is transformed into AC 36v two-phase and are respectively connected to the two rails. Then the wheel conduct the AC 36v on rail into the electrical appliance box at the...
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  • Directional Rubber Rail Transfer Car

    The directional rubber rail transfer car is designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of industries including steel, aluminum, automotive, stamping, heavy manufacturing
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