Rail Turntable

  • Turnplate Rail Transfer Cart

    Turnplate rail transfer cart is a kind of transfer cart which can run on the 90 degree turning railway. Working principle: when the transfer cart runs on the turnplate, turn the turnplate...
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  • Electric Motorized Car Turntable

    Model NO.: BZP
    Certification: CE
    Product Name: Car Turntable
    Turning angle: 360degree
    Control System: Push Button, Remote Control or PLC
    Power source: 380V, 50Hz,...
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  • Turntable Rail Car

    About the turntable rail car, it is used for the electric flat car supporting equipment. When the production process line to be turned, and electric flat car turning radius can not meet the...
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  • Turntable Crossing Transportation Car

    The turntable crossing transportation car is a kind of material handling equipment that rotating on floor or cement ground. With advantages of flexiability, it is widely applied in factory,...
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  • Motorized Vehicle Turntable

    The motorized vehicle turntable is composed of electric motor, speed reducer, slewing bearing, etc, the rotation angle ranges can from 90° to 360°, which with wireless remote control and operating...
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  • Automatic 360 Degree Turntable

    The automatic 360 degree turntable is powered by battery,it can turning 360-degree, which is the matching equipment for turning the flat cart.
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  • Industry Electric Turntable

    The rotary machine with stable and reliable low speed dial make the harvesters automatic large range to and curvature radius can be very small (the machine disc diameter only 3 m).
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  • Electric Power 360 Degree Turntable

    Electric power 360 degree turntable is used for turning track rolling stock, so that they can be moved back in the direction
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  • Electric Rail Turntable

    The principle of the electric rail turntable is to rotate the gear by the motor to achieve the rotation of the turntable. When the flat car is completely running on the turntable, the turntable...
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  • Railway Electric Turntable

    The railway electric turntable is a kind of handling system. The railway electric turntable can make the rail car turn 90/180/270/360 degree on rails. Transfer car run on the electric turntable,...
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  • Electric Material Handling Turntable

    About the electric material handling turntable, it is used for the electric rail flat vehicle supporting equipment. When the production process line to be turned, and electric rail flat vehicle...
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  • 360 Degree Turntable

    Model: Rail car turntable
    Angle of rotation: 360 degree
    Power supply: Manual or electric power
    Color: As demands
    Load capacity: Customized
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