Manual Rail Turntable

  • 360 Degree Turntable

    Model: Rail car turntable
    Angle of rotation: 360 degree
    Power supply: Manual or electric power
    Color: As demands
    Load capacity: Customized
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  • Railway Manual Turntable

    The railway manual turntable is a device that turns and changes direction for the rail transfer cart on the rail, or material, equipment.
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  • Hand Power Rail Car Turntable

    The hand power rail car turntable is powered by manual. Due to the power supply, the loading capacity is smaller than electric powered rail car turntable. It is used to transfer the rail car.
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  • Rail Car Turntable

    Product name: Rail car turntable
    Type: Manual turntable
    Capacity: Customized as per demands
    Package: Packing with tarp and wooden case
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  • 90 Degree Turntable

    The 90 degree turntable is a kind of turntable with a rotation angle of 90 degrees. Its special function is the common equipment in the rail transfer system
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