Material Transfer Cart

  • Multi Directional Battery Powered Trolley

    About the multi directional battery powered trolley, the battery is installed inside of trolley body. The battery supply power to the DC motor through the electrical control system. Use this...
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  • Electric Flat Handling Cart

    The electric flat handling cart is a handling equipment used for material transfer along the hall. Upper platform is designed in accordance with the requirement of the material to be handled....
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  • Free Moving Material Transfer Car

    The free moving material transfer car, it is an electric transfer car designed for material transfer. The body is made of thick steel plate and with super anti-distortion performance. The battery...
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  • Motorized Material Electric Handling Carts On Rail

    About the motorized material electric handling carts on rail, it is powered by low voltage rail, two phase, AC 36V safe voltage, to connect the two railway respectively.
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  • Trackless Electric Handling Cart

    About the trackless electric handling cart manufactured by Xinxiang New Leader Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the design and the deck configuration can be customised to suit specific...
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  • Industrial Transfer Car

    The kind of industrial transfer car, its main character is its power supply----towed cable. When the industrial transfer car moves, the cable pulls behind the car. The cable is connected to...
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  • Material Handling Steerable Transfer Car

    About the material handling steerable transfer car manufactured by Xinxiang New Leader Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the design and the deck configuration can be customised to suit specific...
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  • Battery Powered Automated Guided Vehicle

    Model: KPX-50T Power Supply: Battery Powered Wheel Quantity: 4Pcs Fround Clearance: 50mm Running Speed: 0-25m/min(adjust) Motor Power: 5Kw Battery Capacity: 330Ah Battery Voltage:...
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  • Railway Transport Bogie

    The railway transport bogie is powered by safe sliding line which is set in a channel ditched beside the rail, and also can be set on the ground along the wall. It contacts AC 380V sliding line...
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  • Rail Operated Electric Transfer Cart

    Model NO.: KPD
    Power Mode: Conductor Rails
    Color: Customzied
    Warranty: 12 Months
    Transport Package: The Whole Transfer Cart Will Be Packed by Tarp.
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  • Cross-bay Steering Handling Vehicle

    Cross-bay steering handling vehicle is a kind of rail transfer vehicle which can solve the problem of product transportation between factory spans. It is also called rail flat vehicle, electric...
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  • Electric Transfer Rail Cart

    About the electric transfer rail cart, the AC 380V cable relies on the retractable cable of the reeling device to realize supply electricity for transfer rail cart. The reeling device is placed...
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