Transfer Car

  • Die Mold Transporter

    The die mold transporter is an electrc transfer cart designed for move die and mold or material between the press room and the die storage and maintenance area.
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  • Electric Flat Handling Cart

    The electric flat handling cart is a handling equipment used for material transfer along the hall. Upper platform is designed in accordance with the requirement of the material to be handled....
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  • Workshop Rail Handling Trolley

    The kind of workshop rail handling trolley, which lead AC380v as the power source. You can put the sliding wire in the hole, if your workshop rail handling trolley approaches to the wall, the...
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  • Shipbuilding Rail Transfer Vehicle

    The kind of shipbuilding rail transfer vehicle is powered by slidling wire, it conducts AC 380V sliding wire directly into the AC electrical control system of the rail transfer vehicle to let it...
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  • Industrial Rail Ferry Transfer Vehicle

    The industrial rail ferry transfer vehicle is made of tow vehicles. The rail ferry transfer vehicles on the ground is used for ferry. This kind of ferry transfer vehicle is usually designed to go...
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  • Flat Bed Rail Transfer Cart

    About this kind of flat bed rail transfer cart, it has no driven system. and it can be connected together with many towed car by tow bar or tow hook.
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  • Free Moving Material Transfer Car

    The free moving material transfer car, it is an electric transfer car designed for material transfer. The body is made of thick steel plate and with super anti-distortion performance. The battery...
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  • Transfer Cart With Coil Holder

    The transfer cart with coil holder is designed for roll material handling. The transfer cart with coil holder can be powered by battery, low voltage rail, cable drum, towed cable. There are...
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  • Automatic Rail Guided Flat Car

    The automatic rail guided flat car is powered by battery. The battery is installed in the flat car. The batteries supplied the electricity to the DC motor through the electrical control system....
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  • Industrial Transfer Car

    The kind of industrial transfer car, its main character is its power supply----towed cable. When the transfer car moves, the cable pulls behind the car. The cable is connected to the ground at one end
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  • Roller Rail Flat Transfer Cart

    There are some rollers mounted on the transfer cart table, the running of the roller rail flat transfer cart can realize the junction between roller on the transfer cart and other rollers. The...
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  • Robot Rail Handling Trolley

    The robot rail handling trolley, it with PLC controller, the fixed-point positioning stops, combine with the rail clamp, so that the vehicle stops more stable, slow, prevent material scattering,...
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