Transfer Car

  • Electric Transfer Cart

    This kind of electric transfer cart is powered by mobile cable and composed by cart frame, the electric motor, gear reducer, wheel, electrical appliance box, mobile cable, shaft and connecting...
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  • Automated Guided Transfer Vehicle

    Automated guided transfer vehicle is powered by lead-acid battery, control mould is the control core, motor is provide original power, with operating handle and remote control two methods,...
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  • Trackless Transfer Cart

    The trackless transfer cart is battery powered, which is driven by motor and gear reducer, the imported solid rubber wheel can ensure the cart run the ground directly and reduce the damage of...
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  • Low Voltage Powered Rail Cart

    This series of rail cart is suitable for indoor transportation environment, or it can be used outdoors without water accumulation. It is more practical for frequent start-up and more frequent use
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  • Rail Transfer Trolley

    KPC series rail transfer trolley is that the safe sliding wire is set in a channel ditched beside the rail, and also can be set on the ground along the wall. It contacts AC 380V sliding wire...
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  • Material Transfer Rail Vehicle

    The material transfer rail vehicle, it is a rail vehicle powered by towing cable which is laid on the ground. The cable line is placed between the two rails or onside. The operation system is low...
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  • Self Propelled Electric Transporter

    Self propelled electric transporter is a rail type transportation vehicle that lays a track on the ground, and the laid rail is generally an I-shaped surface contact rail.
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  • Industry Rail Transfer Vehicle

    Industry rail transfer vehicle, simply speaking, it is an electric flat vehicle running on the rails. Due to its power supply, it get rid of the limitation of cable, and has no strict requirement...
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  • Busbar Powered Motorized Transfer Trolley

    The kinds of motorized transfer trolley is powered by busbar. The sliding line is usually installed between two rails or one side. The slider takes AC 380V from the sliding line to provide the...
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  • Non Power Towed Transfer Trolley

    The kind of non power towed transfer trolley , from its name, you can see that it has no driven system. and it can be connected together with many towed trailer by tow bar or tow hook. This kinds...
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  • Shipyard Rail Transport Carts

    Shipyard rail transport carts, it is an electric rail transport cart powered by cable winding which is installed at the bottom of the transport carts.
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  • Towed Rail Cart

    Towed rail cart is consist of steel structure frame and wheels and frame, we designed different wheels in order to let this kind of cart can running on rails or ground directly, it is can be...
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