Battery Powered Cargo Transfer Cart

Model NO.: KPX
Wheel Quantity: 4 Pieces
Application: Industry, Workshop etc
Colour: Blue/Yellow/Red/Custom...

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Basic Information

Model NO.: KPX

Wheel Quantity: 4 Pieces

Application: Industry, Workshop etc

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

Colour: Blue/Yellow/Red/Custom

Trademark: TOPLD

Origin: Xinxiang, Henan, China

Working Principle
This kind of cargo transfer cart is powered by battery. DC motor and gear reducer are controlled by DC control system to drive wheels and make the cart to start, stop, go forward and backward, speed up, slow down and so on. This series transfer cart can be used both on the "S"and arc-shaped railways.

Battery Powered Cargo Transfer Cart.jpg

- This series transfer carts are more safe and flexible.
- It has no strict requirement for the construction of the railway.
- No limit of running distance.
- Safe and convenient operation for there is no wire outside the cart.
- Adjustable speed.

The transfer cart is widely applied in various industries, steel mill (transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc), paper roll plant (transfer paper coil), painting shops (transfer workpiece into the painting room), shipbuilding, quarries, warehouses and multi-bay workshops, etc

After sales
1. User-friendly English manual for machine installation using and maintenance.
2. One year warranty for whole machine without man-made fault;
3. We will send you parts for free if there are any non-human factors problem during warranty time
4. 24-hours technical support by email, telephone or other communication online.

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