Flat Transfer Trailer

  • High Duty Flat Handling Car

    The kinds of high duty flat handling car, AC 380V voltage. In order to avoid the impair of cable, the cable reels are equipped together. Due to the limitation of cable length, it is suitable to be...
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  • Electric Railway Flat Vehicle

    The kinds of electric railway flat vehicle is powered by cable drum. In order to avoid the impair of cable, the cable drums are equipped together. Due to the limitation of cable length, it is...
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  • Spray Booth Rail Transfer Vehicle

    The spray booth rail transfer vehicle is a kind of material transfer vehicle powered by towed cable which is designed for spray booth material handling.
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  • Shipbuilding Rail Transport Truck

    The kind of shipbuilding rail transport truck, its main character is its power supply----mobile cable.
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  • Steerable Electric Transfer Trailer

    The material handling steerable electric transfer trailer is a wheeled handling device that can be arbitrarily turned. The power supply mode is battery power supply, and the driving wheel and the...
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  • Self-Propelled Trailers On Rails

    Self-propelled trailers on rails are used to handle any type of load, regardless of its size or weight, on a defined runtime. This kinds self-propelled trailer can be powered by battery, conductor...
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  • Self Propelled Trailer On Rail

    The kinds of self propelled trailer on rail, it is an electric diven transfer trailer which is powered by low voltage railways. It makes the AC electricity power is transformed into AC 36v...
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  • Battery Self-Propelled Trailer

    About the Battery Self-Propelled Trailer, literally speak, it is an electric transfer trailer powered by battery which is designed for heavy duty material or equipment transfer in the factory,...
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  • Steer Material Handler Trailer

    The Steer Material Handler Trailer is a kind of material transfer trailer without electric driven system. It is designed for material or workpiece handling
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  • Manual Steering Powered Trailers

    About the manual steering powered trailers, there is no power supply system and driving system on trailer. This kinds trailer transports the cargoes moved by electric winch, tractor, forklift,...
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  • Diesel Powered Self-Propelled Trailers

    The diesel powered self-propelled trailers is a material handling trailer designed for material transport in industrial fields. This type of self-propelled trailer finds extensive applications in...
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  • Shipyard Transport Wagon

    This kind of shipyard transport wagon is consisted of power source, gear train, steel structure bearing frame, steering gear, running gear, control system and fault diagnosis module. other...
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