Transfer Carriage

  • Rail Ladle Cart

    Product introduction for rail ladle cart Rail ladle cart is a kind of electric transfer cart. Steel mills use electric transfer cart for ladle transfer. Due to the high temperature of molten ste...
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  • Slag Ladle Transfer Vehicle On Railways

    The kinds of slag ladle transfer vehicle on railways, which is powered by low voltage railways. It makes the AC electricity power is transformed into AC 36v two-phase and are respectively...
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  • Warehouse Handling Automated Guided Vehicles

    About the warehouse handling automated guided vehicles, it is an electric transfer vehicle running on the rails. The battery is installed in the warehouse handling automated guided vehicles. The...
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  • Mold Change Cart

    The mold change cart is designed for die and mold handling, it is an electric transfer cart. The mold change cart can be powered by battery, low voltage rail, cable drum, towed cable. There are...
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  • Scrap Bucket Car

    The scrap bucket car is an electric transfer car running on the rails. It is powered by battery. The battery is installed in the car. The batteries supplied the electricity to the DC motor through...
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  • Electric Material Handling Carriage

    The kinds of electric material handling carriage, it is an electric transfer carriage powered by cable drum which is installed at the bottom of the carriage. It is designed for transporting...
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  • Bloom Transfer Car

    The bloom transfer car is a kind of electric flat car, it also called electric transfer car, motorized transfer car, rail transfer car, etc.
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  • Motorized Material Transfer Vehicle

    ‚ÄčAbout the motorized material transfer vehicle, it is an electric transfer vehicle without rails, which is the special type compared with traditional motorized material transfer vehicle. More...
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  • Automatic Transfer Coil Carriage

    Basic Information Model NO.: KPX Application: Steel Industry, Factory, Warehouse, Port Load Capacity: 1-500 Ton Special Function: Anti-Explosion, Heat-Resistant, Lifting, Dumpling Control Mode:...
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  • Electric Motorized Handling Vehicle

    The electric motorized handling vehicle is slinding line powered, its conducts AC380v slinding line directly into the AC electrical control systom to let it start, stop, go forward backforward and...
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  • Automatic Dump Ladle Transfer Cart

    About the automatic dump ladle transfer cart, it use the proximity switch to automatic positioning to determine the accurate stopping point, adopt advanced PLC control system, to achieve the...
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  • Die Transport Vehicle

    The die transport vehicle is designed for die or mold handling. It is powered by low voltage tracks. The capacity load can reach 500 tons. Depending on the size of the die or mold, you can choose...
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