Ladle Car

  • Slag Ladle Transfer Vehicle On Railways

    The kinds of slag ladle transfer vehicle on railways, which is powered by low voltage railways. It makes the AC electricity power is transformed into AC 36v two-phase and are respectively...
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  • Rail Ladle Cart

    Rail ladle cart is a kind of electric transfer cart. Steel mills use electric transfer cart for ladle transfer. Due to the high temperature of molten steel, steel slag, etc., an electric transfer...
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  • Scrap Bucket Car

    The scrap bucket car is an electric transfer car running on the rails. It is powered by battery. The battery is installed in the car. The batteries supplied the electricity to the DC motor through...
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  • Ladle Transfer Truck

    Ladle transfer car is widely used in the production line of steelmaking plant. It also called ladle car, hot metal transfer car and so on.
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  • Cast Iron Ladle Transfer Car

    The cast iron ladle transfer car can be powered by battery, low voltage tracks, cable reel, busbar, etc. It is depend on client's choice.
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  • Battery Powered Ladle Transfer Car

    Battery powered ladle transfer car is widely used in the production line of steelmaking plant. It also called ladle cart, ladle truck, hot metal transfer trolley
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  • Ladle Transfer Trolley Car

    In metal industry or steel plant, there is a problem for high temperature steel ladle, liquid iron ladle transfering. Our ladle transfer trolley car can solve the problem.
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  • Tundish Transfer Cars

    The tundish transfer cars is used in industrial to trasnfer the specific material from one bay to another. It is very convenient, efficient and safe. Each of our designs can be customized for your...
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  • Hot Metal Ladle Handling Systems

    The hot metal ladle handling systems are designed for metallurgical plant to transfer hot metal and ladle, it can also be called hot metal ladle car, rail ladle transfer cart, etc. Our hot metal...
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  • Scrap Bucket Transfer Cart

    The scrap bucket transfer cart manufactured by Xinxiang New Leader Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, it can widely applied in steel plant, metallurgical plant, boiler plant, etc.
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  • Hot Metal Ladle Car

    Hot metal ladle car, flame guard trolleys of various capacities along with stands to handle ladles up to 500 MT capacities have been supplied complete with gear box, motors and electric panels.
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  • Steel Ladle Transfer Trolley

    This kind of steel ladle transfer trolley is running on steel rails or steel squre bars. It is commonly applied in steel plant, aluminum factory, plastic pipes factory, etc to transfer rounded...
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